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Make an Impact

Bamboo is the fastest growing wooden grass on earth. This renewable material is used to manufacture billions of chopsticks worldwide.

Day to Day

Vancouverites love Asian Cuisine. Currently, there are more than 2000 restaurants using chopsticks, however, most of these restaurants use disposable chopsticks with a lifetime of less than 1 hour.

Recycle & Get Involved

Vancouver alone sends over 100,000 disposable chopsticks to the landfill every day. By recycling chopsticks with ChopValue, your restaurants can save money in garbage collection costs while improving your environmental image. Currently, the chopstick lifecycle ends in the garbage and are mostly non-recycled. Be part of the innovative zero waste society, help reverse the logistics of where current chopsticks end up and help us generate a new second life cycle.

Be Curious

Bamboo chopsticks can be processed into newly developed materials providing opportunities for small and medium-sized manufacturers to get involved. These new materials benefit from bamboo’s attractive appearance and physical properties.

Create Value

Design and get actively involved in new product development. Decide if you would like to follow the second life of your disposable chopsticks all the way to its end-use as tabletops, wall tiles, flooring and many other applications.